viernes, febrero 28, 2020

9th of October, the Day of the Valencian Community

Next 9th of October, the Day of the Valencian Community takes place and it is a very special day which commemorates the day King Jaume I captured Valencia from Moorish forces in 1238.

In 1208, Jaume I took control of the Valencian Country and then, the 9th of October of 1236, he decided to take control Valencia. Once in control of the community, he created the kingdom of Valencia which became part of the kingdom of Spain in 1707 as well. For this reason, during the whole day the flag of the community is displayed, which is based on senyera, a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Aragon. This day is a very important day for all those people who want to show that they are Valencians and that they are proud of their flag, which is displayed together with the Spanish and the European flag.

Different activities are held during the whole day as well, which makes possible that people from all ages enjoy the day, not taking into account the age or ideology. People who decide to go to Valencia can enjoy of the local festivity and can attend to the different activities held both the 8th and the 9th of October. The day before the day of the Valencian Community, people are able to see the Senyera, enjoy of an orchestra, enjoy of traditional valencian music and dances and fireworks. On the 9th, other ceremonies take place, such as flower offering in honor to Jaume I followed by a mascletá (a rhythmic composition created with fireworks), and the entrance of Moors and Christians in Valencia.

If you are in Valencia or around it, this is a great opportunity to go to one of the most important days of the Valencian Country which is a must go if you want to know more about the history of the city.