miércoles, febrero 19, 2020

32nd Edition of Cinema Jove

The INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF CINEMA DE VALENCIA – CINEMA JOVE celebrates its 32nd edition with new equipment. This stage starts with the maximum of consolidating a renewed personality and promoting the young filmmakers, which limits the age group of participants in the Official Section to 40 years.
The new stage of ‘Cinema Jove’ wants to return to the young character of the festival of all its people: professionals, public and filmmakers.

‘Cinema Jove’ was born as a festival dedicated to film education, a few years later becomes a festival dedicated to young professional filmmakers, but never lose its section of education (now known as the Youth Audiovisual Encounter). Throughout its history, the Festival has served as an international meeting place for young filmmakers from around the world, with two official sections (long and short films) as well as tributes, retrospectives, thematic cycles, book presentations … and favoring a Total proximity between the public and the professionals of the cinema through meetings and colloquia.

On Friday, June 23, the 32nd edition of Cinema Jove opens. It will be in the Principal Theatre of València from 19:30 h. And, in addition to officially lifting the curtain of the 32 Cinema Jove, we will premiere the production València-Hollywood Animal Crackers (with the presence of its co-director, Jaime Maestro, and its producer, Nathalie Martínez).
In addition, the short film Les Bones Nenes, by Clara Roquet, will be screened as the winner of the last Corto Movistar + Prize.
The gala will be presented by Javier González and Alejandro Portaz, and will have the music of Joan Soler.

The Tourism Foundation of Valencia, in the framework of the International Festival of València – Cinema Jove, promotes “cinema menus”. With the aim of promoting gastronomy, while promoting audiovisual creations, a total of 10 restaurants will offer different gastronomic proposals inspired by cinematic classics. Also, each “movie menu” includes the invitation to enjoy one of the sessions scheduled during the festival.

The most cinematographic gastronomic offer in the city can be enjoyed from June 23rd to July 1st, coinciding with the festival. The reservation period for the menus starts today, and can be done through the web visitvalencia.com.
The restaurants of the city that participate in this first edition of “cinema menus” are Al Pomodoro, Chez Lyon, La Lola, La Pappardella, Lotelito, Mon, Ocho y Medio, Palacio de la Bellota, Puerta del Mar and Vielve Carolina (1 sol Repsol).
Among the proposals are the “Tavernier” menu – inspired by director Bertrand Tavernier – “La Dolce Vita” (Federico Fellini -1960), “Eat, Drink, Love” (Ang Lee – 1994), “El Bar” (Álex de la Iglesia-2017), “La Gran Comilona” (Marco Ferreri – 1973) or “Sesión Continua” (José Luis Garci – 1984). We also found dishes such as “A touch of Cinnamon” (Tassos Boulmetis -2003), “Jamón, Jamón” (Bigas Luna-1992) or “Willy Wonka Brownie” (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- Mel Stuart -1971) , among others.