The 12 most beautiful castles of the Valencian Community

The Valencian Community has an immense historical cultural heritage and good proof of it are the numerous castles that have lasted over the years and centuries. A good sample of them are: Sagunto castle, Xàtiva, Buñol, Cullera, Peñíscola, Atalaya, Biar, Sax, Santa Bárbara, Morella, Onda and Benisanó.

Castles impregnated with stories that we can remember thanks to their incredible constructions. Some of them are surrounded by a great wall. Also, several towers, chapels and cells are conserved that have been part of the experiences of both its tenants and the people of the locality.

Peñiscola Castle

Atalaya (Villena) Castle

Sax Castle

Sagunto Castle

Saint Bárbara Castle

Morella Castle

Benisanó Castle

Xàtiva Castle

Cullera Castle 

Buñol Castle 

Biar Castle 

Onda Castle 

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