The arrival of the Three Wise Men is the most anticipated event for children throughout the year. A Festivity of National Tourist Interest that brings together hundreds of visitors every year who want to live the message and emotion of this centuries-old Cavalcade.

Its celebration would not be possible without the collaboration of innumerable people. More than a thousand people accompany Their Majesties as they pass through the streets of Alcoy, once their arrival the previous day was noticed by their emissary. The Royal Envoy has quietly proclaimed the side by the main roads of the town, while behind him, almost always hurriedly, a few ‘borriquillas’, on whose backs are balanced some mailboxes in the form of saddlebags in which the little ones – and also many do not so small- they are depositing their requests for the Holy Kings. Torches, pages, verses and popular sounds prelude that the spectacular entrance of the Three Wise Men is coming. Meanwhile, in the hill of Saint Christopher, the fires that mark the way to the mountain make children dream that the Kings, in fact, are ready to arrive to Alcoy, as the Royal Emissary announces. Actually, the royal entourage has begun to set up camp in the nearby hills.

On the afternoon of January 5, as every year, the Kings are preparing to enter Alcoy where the door of Alicante used to be. The Kings of the Orient descend majestically through the steep streets of the center of Alcoy, bordering the nineteenth-century park of the ‘Glorieta’. Behind them, hundreds of confused pages carry packages and scales, as they walk swiftly in search of the homes to which the bulky bundles they carry are directed. Meanwhile, many neighbors and visitors crowd the Spanish Square, the popular ‘Bandeja’, to witness one of the most endearing and, at the same time, spectacular moments of the Cavalcade: Adoration. After descending the Kings of their mounts, the parade stops around the living nativity that is in the center of the square. Assisted by their pages, the Kings carry their presents to the Child (gold, incense and myrrh, as the Gospels sign) and prostrate themselves to pay homage to the Redeemer who was born in Bethlehem. A spectacular castle of fireworks illuminates the square, announcing to Alcoy all the homage that the Three Wise Kings offer the Child.


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