The Nordic aesthetic seizes this Christmas at number 14 Hernán Cortes street in Valencia. For the third year in a row, Jul Konstruktion returns with its Nordic-style Christmas market, a space where design, gastronomy and art come together for the whole family.

Here, in Jul Konstruktion, you can spend a full day. Shopping with family, music and gastronomy. And, in addition to the presence of Spanish artists and designers like MadLab, Lucia Be, Underwood, Aleta Kids, Mimique, Sampedro, Poleomenta, Arica Brand or Volp with items for all tastes, they also have a complete cultural program and leisure with numerous events such as concerts, exhibitions, workshops and activities in the children’s area, scheduled until January 8.

Jul Konstruktion
It was born with the vocation of being a showcase for the creation of young artists and designers offering them a space to share their creations. Each year the theme varies and create a different space. In fact, the word Jul comes from Swedish and means Christmas. Last year more than 40,000 people enjoyed the space.


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