Eleven magic shows, balancing, juggling, interactive games and humor in eight urban settings form the programming of the 6th Circus and Theater Festival of Ontinyent, organized by the City Council, which will be performed between December 23rd and 3rd of January.

The spaces where they will be able to contemplate these shows in this edition are Benarrai Park, the squares of the Conception, the Coronation, Santo Domingo, Vicent Andrés Estelles and Pere IV, the Echegaray Theater and the parking of the avenue of San Francisco, in the old factory of Padua. Here, there will be the opening show ‘Random or Destiny’, by magician Yunke, champion of the World Cup of Magic in Lisbon, Saturday 23 at 7:30 p.m.

The performances, however, will have started at 11:00 on Saturday on the Benarrai promenade with the show for children 0 to 8 years old ‘Petit circ’, and another, ‘Clown in family’ with Pasquale Bergamotto for all ages .

The festival will offer shows such as ‘Imagine Circus’; a theater of funambules; the performance of the company Circ Panic with ‘the man who lost the buttons’; the show ‘The secrets of Mr. Stromboli ‘; or ‘Encerrona’, by Pepe Viyuela, in Echegaray, the only representation that will be paid.

The closing of the festival, on January 3, will be with 4 proposals of traveling artists: theater, music, clown and magic that will be combined in the scenes of the Conception Square and the beginning of Gomis Street.



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