When the Christmas are approaching, the Albereda of Xàtiva completely changes its appearance to accommodate one of the annual attractions that arouses the greatest interest: the Monumental Nativity Scene. Considered the largest in Spain, ‘Belén Xativí’ has ​​become a tourist attraction of the first order and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year.

The Nativity Scene is characterized for taking care of every detail and it has grown year after year since 1999. From the traditional Christmas nativity scene of the beginnings, it has come to interpret numerous scenes, with new contributions and constant improvements. Figures made to life size by fallas artists, recycled materials, solidarity contributions, presence of live animals … numerous elements contribute to configure a representation with a singular value beyond the religious symbolism.

Throughout the year municipal workers collect items that will later be used in the assembly of the crib, as well as old tools and ethnological tools contributed by the neighborhood. The sustainability that gives the use of reused materials is one of the main values ​​of the installation.

One of the most attractive elements for the public, especially for children, is the presence of live animals: ducks, geese, bulls, sheep, donkeys, turkeys … a good sample of animal life under strict veterinary control, which takes care of their wellness.

The Nativity Scene has an outstanding solidarity aspect. The fruits and vegetables used, which are plentiful and generally donated by local businesses, are later delivered to entities that deal with the population without resources. In addition visitors can make a wish by tossing a coin in any of the installed fonts. The funds collected are allocated to local NGOs.

Most figures on a human scale have been modeled by fallas artists, which gives it a genuinely Valencian nativity scene aroma. All the elements present are enhanced, at nightfall, with special lighting for the occasion.



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