Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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‘La Plantà’, the most expected moment of ‘Falles’

'La Plantà' is the act of raising a monument, in 'Falles' or 'Fogueres de San Joan', festivities held in March and June in the...

‘Falles’ our World Heritage

The origin of 'Falles' dates back to the old tradition of the carpenters of the city, who on the eve of the feast of...

Villena’s Medieval Festivities

The Medieval Festivities are framed in 'El Rabal': an Arab neighborhood with narrow streets and old houses, where they highlight the MEDIEVAL WEDDINGS and the...

Magdalena 2018

Magdalena Vítol!



    U.S Elections 2016. Candidates and how to vote.

    If you want to have more information about the elections in U.S, the different candidates and how to vote here you have some information that can be of your interest.

    Which are the entry requirements for entering Spanish territory?

    Here you have some requirements you must be aware of when travelling to Spain.

    What do I need to do in order to live in Spain?

    If you want to live in Spain know more about the requirements here.
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